Promises by Lisa Kleypas

Three Weddings and a Kiss
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The short story in this book by Lisa Kleypas is titled "Promises" and its about a young woman, Lidian, who believes herself in love with a good for nothing strutting peacock. Along comes the handsome Lord Eric De Gray who seeks to convince her that her love has been given away prematurely.

I prefered this short story to the last one in Gifts of Love. The story flowed better and the chemistry was felt more in this one as well. There was a secondary romance between Lidian's mother and Eric's uncle that was quite nice to see progress while not taking away from the main couple The steam factor was appropriate for a short story and satisfying enough.

Eric was a really great hero. I had expectations about his actions and character and those were met for the most part.

My complaints with the story came towards the ending. It seemed like some things were done rather quickly and some of the actions seemed out of character. We didn't get to really watch Lidian fall in love. All of a sudden she just was in love. Eric said I love you first which was great, but it came after a long time of him treating her like his little sister - so it felt a bit weird. He was at one time pursuing her nicely and at a great pace and then all of a sudden when she's in his back yard - he backs off. Sort of frustrating.

However, those were really minor. Short stories are just that. Short.  :-)

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